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Paula Abreu


Paula Abreu Chef & Wedding Expert has positioned her brand and quadruple the number of sales of her company Paula Abreu Weddings & Events in just a year.


With more than 15 years in the wedding and event industry, collaborating with artists such as Sarah Brightman, Il Divo, Yanni, Ricky Martin, Fabulous Cadillacs, among others.


She is also the Director in Mexico of IWEA Association (International Wedding & Event Industry Association) with an international presence in more than 10 countries. 

Author of the Book "Chispa & corazón" the 12 steps to stand out in the competitive wedding industry listed as a must read in the industry by MDC-Magazine, creator of the workshop for entrepreneurs and suppliers of the wedding industry called Pawer Challenge.

Awards Winner Belief Wedding Awards to the best of the International Industry, for three consecutive years. Alpha Leader of the IADWP association, responsible for organizing the largest Wedding Congress in Latin America. 

Paula Abreu Weddings & events was the first international company to obtain the Wedding Tourism Expert distinctive awarded by the IADWP.

She is nationally recognized as a Top Wedding Planner and influencer in the wedding and events industry.

Creator of the concept: “Bodas con Causa”. Columnist with Chispa y Corazón expert in weddings in the newspaper El Popular,  collaborator in destination weddings and romance in the magazine Mexico Magic Route.

She has collaborated in specialized portals of the wedding industry such as: Zankyou and The Happening, as well as the magazine Forbes Mexico as an expert in the wedding industry.

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Book "chispa & corazón", 12 steps to stand out in the competitive wedding industry. 

Do you remember how untangling the nests of ideas of the bride and groom and family, organizing them and making them a wonderful result, gave me an impulse to keep working harder and harder? I described it as my life engine. The difference between that Paula and the one now is that it was already a conscious process. I understood that...




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